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Digitizing Spare Change

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Three Easy Steps

How It Works


Conveniently Pay Cash
*at participating locations
Provide Phone Number



Digitally Receive Change Owed

Why Moneta?

  • 38% of Americans let their change go to waste.

  • Cash accounts for 47% of all transactions under $10.

  • $10B worth of change is out of circulation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Sign-Up Before Using Moneta?

  •  ​No sign-up or download required, your automatically signed-up after your first transaction with Moneta

But isn't Crypto The Future?

  • Moneta not only understands that decentralized currency is the future but we want to do our part by being the final frontier between the physical and digital currency. Pay cash and receive crypto.

Is Moneta A P2P Service?

  • Currently Moneta's offering does not support a full P2P service but it's in our 2022 product road map.

What's The Cost

  • With Moneta the change you are owed is the change you get back.

  • A service fee of 5% is charged when withdrawing to another institution.

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